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Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama Speech | Antiwar.com

President Obama was interrupted during a major speech on national security policy by Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, who shouted from the back of the auditorium about his administration’s abusive policies of indefinite detention and drone warfare, leading the president to acknowledge her and even pause to let her finish. Obama lamented efforts by Congress to prevent the closure of the ...

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Antiwar.com’s Week in Review | November 4, 2011 | Antiwar.com Blog

Follow the link below for more on these subjects in this week’s issue: Aggressive postures toward Iran Punishing Palestine for UNESCO Iraq and the new “security architecture” Recognizing failure in Afghanistan? Libya in flux Assorted news from the empire What’s new at the blog? Opinion and analysis Antiwar Radio Events Dangerously Aggressive Postures Toward Iran Western powers and Israel are ...

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