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Stephen Sizer: Some Facts About Iran’s Nuclear Activities | stephensizer.blogspot.com

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) in Ireland have published a 24 page booklet by Dr David Morrison about Iran’s nuclear activities. In summary, he writes: Iran has no nuclear weapons Iran has no nuclear weapons programme Iran is not in breach of any obligations under the NPT Uranium enrichment is Iran’s “inalienable right” under the NPT The US and ...

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Asia’s Mad Arms Race | Conn M. Hallinan, Dispatches from the Edge

Asia is currently in the middle of an unprecedented arms race that is not only sharpening tensions in the region, but competing with efforts by Asian countries to address poverty and growing economic disparity. The gap between rich and poor—calculated by the Gini coefficient that measures inequality—has increased from 39 percent to 46 percent in China, India, and Indonesia. While ...

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Russia overtakes UK and France in global arms spending league table | guardian.co.uk

Global spending on weapons totals more than $1.7tn (£1tn), and Russia has overtaken Britain and France to take third place in the world league table, according to the latest figures released by a leading research body on Tuesday. While military expenditure fell last year in most western countries, including the US, which is facing serious budget deficits, Russia and China ...

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Financing nuclear weapons | Vision of Humanity

Don’t Bank on the Bomb is a 180-page report identifying more than 300 financial institutions in 30 countries that invest heavily in companies involved in the US, British, French and Indian nuclear weapons programmes Don’t Bank on the Bomb is the first major global report on the financing of companies that manufacture, modernize and maintain nuclear weapons and their delivery ...

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World May Face New Nuclear Arms Race: Report | Mother Jones

Fear of new American military capabilities is spurring nuclear powers like Russia and China to modernize their atomic arsenals and evade disarmament, according to a new report from a US-British think tank. Even though Barack Obama has pledged to work for global disarmament and the United States negotiated a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia, the world’s nine global states ...

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