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A saddening example of birth defects in Fallujah | The Independent

After at first denying the use of phosphorous shells during the second battle of Fallujah, US forces later admitted that they had fired the munitions against buildings in the city. Independent reports have spoken of a birth-defect rate in Fallujah far higher than other areas of Iraq, let alone other Arab countries. No one, of course, can produce cast-iron evidence ...

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Are We Gods? Deciding the Value of Human Life | Taking Responsibility for Empire

… If numbers alone are too abstract, consider the “litany of horrors” described by Kelley Vlahos in a piece on the birth defects among the children of Fallujah: “babies born with two heads, one eye in the middle of the face, missing limbs, too many limbs, brain damage, cardiac defects, abnormally large heads, eyeless, missing genitalia, riddled with tumors.” Reportedly, ...

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