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Top Israeli Weighs Imposed Borders for Palestinians | NYTimes.com

TEL AVIV — Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Wednesday that Israel should consider imposing the borders of a future Palestinian state, becoming the most senior government official to suggest bypassing a stagnant peace process. Mr. Barak’s statement urging consideration of what he and many Israelis call “unilateral actions,” without offering any specifics, echoed an emerging chorus of political leaders, analysts ...

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After Palestine’s Statehood Bid: Resolutions and ‘Solutions’ | Counterpunch

It’s odd that the Israel-Palestine conflict always calls up talk about solutions rather than resolutions, as if some moral puzzle bedeviled the future of the Palestinians and Israel. Perhaps this is because no state has come into existence amid such paroxysms of morality. Times change, and the moralizing about Israel is now obsolescent. The 20th Century agonies of genocide and ...

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Rafah crossing reopened after 4 days of Hamas-Egypt rift | Xinhua

Rafah crossing point between the Gaza Strip and Egypt was reopened Wednesday after four days of closure due to differences between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and Egypt. The central point of the differences was that those who left Gaza passed the crossing slowly, Hamas said, blaming Egypt for delaying the passes and turning back dozens of travelers. Read more here: Rafah ...

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