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Chelsea Manning awarded 2014 Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence | RT News

?The former US Army intelligence analyst who was found guilty of releasing the largest set of classified documents in US history will be honored in absentia for her role in exposing the dark nature of civilian casualties in Iraq. Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), currently incarcerated at Leavenworth Prison, will be recognized at a ceremony in absentia at Oxford University’s ...

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Manning: ‘I don’t consider myself a pacifist’ | RT USA

WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning says she doesn’t consider herself a pacifist, anti-war or a conscientious objector, instead preferring the label “transparency advocate” over others, according to a letter from prison published Wednesday. In a letter to the Guardian newspaper, the 25-year-old former Army private writes that it isn’t terribly clear to herself that her actions — supplying a treasure trove ...

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From Russia With Love: Snowden Gets Asylum | The National Interest Blog

With its decision to grant Edward Snowden temporary asylum, Russia is once again demonstrating its independence from America and handing a big victory to WikiLeaks. The Obama administration has gone into overdrive to attempt to capture Snowden, promising Moscow that Snowden would neither be tortured nor subjected to the death penalty if he is returned. But in the wake of ...

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Protect Whistleblowers | By John Scales Avery, CounterCurrents.org

The world urgently needs a system of international laws for protecting whistleblowers. There are many reasons for this, but among the most urgent is the need for saving civilization and the biosphere from the threat of a catastrophic nuclear war. It is generally recognized that a war fought with nuclear weapons would be a humanitarian and environmental disaster, affecting neutral ...

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