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The Budget Deal Is a Huge Republican Cave-In | Cato Institute

The House has passed the two-year budget agreement crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray. According to Cato scholar Chris Edwards, the deal essentially blows up the sequester cuts of 2011. Says Edwards, “The 2011 Budget Control Act had been the GOP’s only major spending accomplishment in years. Now Republican leaders are throwing it away in return for ...

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Congress Blew It – Again: The National Budget Should Reflect National Priorities | Truthout Fearless, Independent News and Opinion

By Jo Comerford, Truthout  Americans deserve representatives in Congress who take seriously their role as stewards of the people’s business. We deserve a federal budget that reflects Americans’ priorities for how our tax dollars are spent. Unfortunately, Congress seems determined to give us neither. Earlier this month, lawmakers missed yet another federal budget deadline, this one set by congressional appropriators ...

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Progressive Caucus to Release ‘Budget for All’ | The Nation

Outside a packed hearing room on Capitol Hill, where Representative Paul Ryan presided over a mark-up of his draconian budget bill, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus held a press conference to announce their own plan: the “Budget for All,” which follows along the rough outlines of last year’s “People’s Budget.” The exact details won’t be released for another day, ...

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Throwing Money at the Pentagon | Truthdig

When it comes to the American military, the leading Republican presidential candidates evidently only learned to add and multiply, never subtract or divide. Advocates of Pentagon reform have criticized President Obama for his timid approach to reducing military spending. Despite current Pentagon budgets that have hovered at the highest levels since World War II and 13 years of steady growth, ...

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US wastes $34 billion in Iraq and Afghanistan | RT

If you were opposed towards tax dollars going towards military operations overseas, here is something new to consider: The US has blew around $34 billion on private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those billions are in addition to what the country is pumping into the armed forces already. A new report scheduled to be released in the coming weeks documents ...

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