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Obama plan cuts emissions for future coal plants | guardian.co.uk

The Obama administration effectively blocked the construction of any new coal-fired power plants on Tuesday, introducing rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the next generation of plants. The proposed new standards would cut carbon dioxide emissions on new power plants in half and will, over time, help move America away from the carbon-heavy plants that currently produce nearly half ...

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Emissions link to ocean acid levels | The Guardian

Man-made carbon emissions since the industrial revolution have acidified the oceans far beyond natural levels, research suggests. Ocean acidity makes it harder for organisms such as molluscs and coral to construct the shells they need to survive. In some regions, acidity rose faster in the last two centuries than it did in the previous 21,000 years, a study has shown. ...

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Fossil fuel subsidies: a tour of the data | guardian.co.uk

One of the most surprising and alarming issues in the climate and energy arena is the fact that the fossil fuels causing global warming continue to receive substantial government support, making them artificially cheap and encouraging more of them to be consumed. It’s a form of madness that my colleague Damian Carrington put his finger on recently when he wrote ...

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Fossil fuels are sub-prime assets, Bank of England governor warned | guardian.co.uk

The huge reserves of coal, oil and gas held by companies listed in the City of London are “sub-prime” assets posing a systemic risk to economic stability, a high-profile coalition of investors, politicians and scientists has warned Bank of England’s governor, Sir Mervyn King. In an open letter on Thursday, they tell King that the global drive to reduce carbon ...

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Response: Ahead of our targets on climate change? Not by this measurement… | The Guardian

Once the UK economy starts to grow again, there is a real concern that our carbon inefficiency will become all too clear. Developing policies to address the UK’s consumption emissions involves exploring further efficiency strategies, developing demand side strategies for the most carbon-intensive products and exploring the use of taxes for carbon-inefficient imports. For more on this story, visit: Response: ...

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Climate change: ambition gap | Editorial: The Guardian

The race to keep the rise in global temperatures below 2C is still winnable if there is a big change in the pace, but a 3-4C rise looks the most likely outcome. And the longer it goes on, the harder it gets. Bold unilateral moves like the Australian carbon tax, due to take effect from July next year, now look ...

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