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Chemical Disarmament Won’t Be Easy | NYTimes.com

Almost everything about the American effort to rid itself of chemical weapons manufactured from Woodrow Wilson’s presidency to Ronald Reagan’s has been more complex, more time-consuming, more costly and more environmentally fraught than anyone imagined. The bill now stands at $35.4 billion, with no end in sight, for an epic of chemical destruction involving not just this Washington neighborhood of ...

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Eliminating Nuclear Weapons | CounterPunch

The apparent employment of chemical weapons in Syria should remind us that, while weapons of mass destruction exist, there is a serious danger that they will be used. That danger is highlighted by an article in the September/October 2013 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Written by two leading nuclear weapons specialists, Hans Kristensen and Robert Norris of ...

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Three new papers from SIPRI on proliferation concerns in North Korea, Pakistan and Syria | SIPRI.org

Below is some information on three new papers from SIPRI on proliferation concerns in North Korea, Pakistan and Syria. North Korean proliferation challenges: the role of the European Union Non-Proliferation Papers no. 18 Mark Fitzpatrick The bête noire of the global non-proliferation regime, North Korea has defeated every effort to rein in its pursuit of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, chemical ...

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Syria’s chemical weapons and protection against their use: a brief overview | www.sipri.org

The escalation of the current conflict in Syria gives greater impetus to efforts to determine the fate of Syria’s weapon programmes and, in particular, its reported stocks of chemical weapons. Also check the Arms Transfers database for data about Syrian arms imports from Russia and others. For more on this story, visit: 26 July: Syria’s chemical weapons and protection against ...

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Syria: Chemical weapons only for foreign agressors | GlobalPost

Syria officially confirmed it owns stockpiles of chemical weapons, the BBC reported on Monday. The acknowledgment is not surprising when one considers Syria is a stalwart non-signatory of the Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlaws the development and use of chemical weapons. The announcement comes after tense speculation over the security of the country’s arsenal. What happens if the Free Syria ...

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Britain sends officials to Libya to help destroy chemical weapons | The Guardian

Britain is sending officials to Libya to help the government to investigate the scale of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s secret chemical weapons stockpile, retained by the Libyan dictator in breach of promises made to the international community. The size of the stockpile – including mustard gas – suggests Gaddafi totally misled Tony Blair when he promised to destroy weapons of mass ...

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Syria and the need for a 21st century arms control agenda | PSR

The Aug. 29th Washington Post article “Syrian unrest raises fears about chemical arsenal” by Pulitzer Prize winning author Joby Warrick raises a key national security question for the United States. Will we pursue an arms control or arms proliferation foreign policy in the 21st century? During the moving Egyptian revolution, canisters of tear gas that were stamped with the “Made ...

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