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Minsk remembers Chernobyl under KGB scrutiny | Gazeta.Ru

On April 26, for the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe, the opposition held their traditional rally “Chernobylsky shlyakh” (Chernobyl way). City authorities allowed a memorial march and rally afterwards. A little less than one thousand people protested against the building of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant. They also discussed political issues: the release of political prisoners and a boycott ...

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The Nuclear Juggernaut Roars On | Counterpunch

Last week’s granting by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission of combined construction and operating licenses for two nuclear plants to be built in Georgia—both Westinghouse AP1000s—is the culmination of a scheme developed by nuclear promoters 20 years ago. There have been huge changes in energy since. The consequences in death and illness of of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster ...

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Fighting Back Against Nuclear Power: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima: Never Again! | Counterpunch

As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Nuclear Industry, and Obama administration continue to push nuclear energy as safe and clean, a grassroots insurgency is growing from the awakening depths of the growingly vociferous American maelstrom. Fukushima’s three meltdowns continue to emit over a billion bequerels of radioactivity a day into the environment and that radiation is spreading. The international media and ...

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Germany decides to extend nuclear power – Ecocentric

Every since Chernobyl puffed its radioactive plume over Europe in 1986, Germany has been deeply suspicious of nuclear power. Opposition to Atomkraft is at the center of the country’s green movement, and almost a decade ago the country decided to phase out its nuclear plants by 2021. Yesterday, however, Germany’s coalition government decided to extend the life of the country’s ...

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