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Podcast: Unlikely alliances and unexpected heroes | Waging Nonviolence

Fracking-foe Helen Slottje standing in front of a natural gas compression facility in Ithica, NY. (Goldman Environmental Prize)

After a minor quibble over how to pronounce one another’s last names threatens to derail the podcast, the WNV team sets its differences aside to discuss May Day actions, the global struggle to end sexual violence and the recent anti-Keystone XL gathering of cowboys and Indians in Washington, D.C. We then hear from 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize winner Helen Slottje ...

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Cesar Chavez Day: Honoring The Latino Civil Rights Leader By Continuing The Fight For Justice | Huffington Post

When Barack Obama campaigned to be the nation’s 44th president, he used the simple mantra, “Yes We Can” — a translation of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez’s chant, “Si se puede.” Now, nearly four years after the presidential election, Obama’s paying homage to the man whose words helped him win office, decreeing Saturday, March 31st of 2012, the 85th anniversary ...

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New resource in the fight for Israeli Democracy

Amidst the dispiriting news coming from both American and Israeli democracy, one of the signs of hope has been the people who have continued to resist the downward trend. Association for Civil Rights in Israel is one of those hope-inducing groups, and they recently launched a new english-language version of their website Project Democracy, along with partners like Shatil and ...

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