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Iraqi Officials Fear Full Blown Civil War | Truthdig

After the deadliest month of political fighting in five years, Iraq appears to be sliding rapidly into a new civil war that “will be worse than Syria,” leaders say. The escalating violence has residents of Baghdad stocking up on rice, vegetables and other foods in case fighting or curfews prevent them from getting to shops. “It is wrong to say ...

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Iraq 10 years on: the legacy of war – video | guardian.co.uk

Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, the consequences are legion: a country divided along sectarian lines, a new authoritarian leadership, a region destabilised, western armies licking their wounds and international diplomacy discredited like never before. And that’s before counting the more immediate toll: tens of thousands of bodies, millions of displaced people, and hundreds of millions of dollars. ...

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Afghanistan ‘sliding towards collapse’ | guardian.co.uk

Afghan forces are far from ready to secure a country riddled with violence and corruption, Red Cross and thinktank warn by Emma Graham-Harrison in Kabul The police and army in an increasingly violent Afghanistan will struggle to secure the country when foreign forces leave and the people face a corrupt presidential election in 2014, the Red Cross and a thinktank ...

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Last Chance for Peace in Syria? | The Nation

In Syria, our worst fears are becoming a reality. Over the past few months, the conflict has descended into an ever more violent civil war, fueled increasingly by foreign-supported Sunni Islamists on the one hand, and by ruthless pro-regime militia groups on the other. The Assad government is still able to deploy a large military force, but other state structures ...

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Syria: We Can Learn a Lot From the ‘Small Stuff’ | WhoWhatWhy

By Russ Baker Every now and then, Syria jumps into the headlines, and our consciousness. Even then, it’s easy to forget the big picture: that the United States government and its allies are waging, through surrogates, a war designed to overthrow an existing government. One of the reasons we forget is that the news media does such a terrible job ...

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UN: Both Rebels and Regime Have Committed War Crimes In Syria | Antiwar.com

The Syrian government and the rebels fighting to overthrow it have committed war crimes, according to a United Nations investigative report, Reuters reports. “We have identified both parties as guilty of war crimes and of course a greater number and of bigger variety from the government side,” Karen AbuZayd, one of two UN commissioners told Reuters. The report finds that ...

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UN Security Council ends Syrian observer mission | DW.DE

The world community, including China, has piled pressure on Syria’s government to end 17 months of bloodshed as the UN Security Council ordered the end of the Syrian observer mission. The United Nations Security Council ordered the end of its Syrian observer mission on Thursday, two weeks after the resignation of UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan and the failure of ...

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