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International Fellowship of Reconciliation Delegation to Colombia: March 16-28, 2014

Colombia is at a crossroads?after enduring decades of violent armed conflict, for the first time in history, the government created laws to return stolen lands and recognize victims of state crimes. Additionally, the government and the country’s largest guerrilla group, the FARC are currently engaged in peace talks. Hope is in the air, but as foreign investment skyrockets and corporations ...

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FARC and Colombian Government Agree on Political Participation | Fellowship of Reconciliation

On November 6, two weeks short of the one year mark of negotiations, the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas issued their 27th joint press release announcing a general agreement to end the armed conflict and for political participation and propelling the two sides forward through the second of their five-point negotiation plan. The negotiating teams reached an agreement on the ...

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Colombia and FARC rebels agree on key peace issue | FRANCE 24

  The Colombian government and FARC rebels announced on Wednesday that they had reached an agreement over the key issue of the guerrilla’s political future if peace is reached, with now four more points left on the negotiating agenda. By Joseph BAMAT ( The Colombian government and FARC rebels announced Wednesday they had struck an unprecedented agreement on the future ...

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Colombia’s Congress approves referendum to seal eventual peace deal with FARC | Colombia Reports

Colombia’s Congress approved a bill on Wednesday that would allow any final peace deal with rebel group FARC to be determined by a popular vote. The FARC expressed frustration saying that the decision was “unilateral.” Congress approved a controversial bill Wednesday evening that says that any peace deal reached between the FARC and Colombia will result in a referendum. This ...

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Colombia peace talks paused until end of October, no deal on FARC’s political participation | Colombia Reports

At the end of the 15th cycle of peace talks between rebel group FARC and Colombia’s government, no agreement has been reached on the second agenda item of political participation. President Juan Manuel Santos blamed the FARC Sunday for slowing down the peace process that are close to concluding its first year. The talks that hope to end almost 50 ...

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Colombia peace talks: Farc points to ‘modest progress’ | BBC News

Chief Farc negotiator Ivan Marquez blamed the slow progress on 'agenda changes'

Colombia’s main rebel group, the Farc, says it has achieved “modest progress” in peace negotiations with the government. As another round of talks resumed in Cuba, chief Farc negotiator Ivan Marquez said the agreements reached so far amount to a 25-page document. They include deals on land reform, a key issue for the rebels, who began their armed struggle in ...

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Is the U.S. Enabling the Humanitarian Crisis in Colombia? | In These Times

Terror attacks are on the rise and millions remain displaced, but U.S. military aid keeps flowing. It’s a cruelly hot day in rebel-held territory. On a crumbling and abandoned plantation, in the insurgency riddled Cauca region of southwestern Colombia, more than three dozen indigenous leaders have gathered in the shade of the old manor house for a tribal meeting. Children’s ...

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Colombia’s FARC may face alternative justice, not impunity | Reuters

Colombia’s peace negotiations with Marxist FARC rebels will not lead to impunity for the rebels as critics fear after a half-century conflict that has killed more than 200,000 people, a senior Colombian official said. Justice Minister Ruth Stella Correa told Reuters late on Wednesday that there will have to be alternative forms of redress given the “magnitude” and horrors of ...

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Colombia peace talks with FARC rebels to resume Monday | Reuters

Colombia’s government and FARC rebels will resume peace talks on Monday, the chief government negotiator said, a day after both sides cast doubt on the process by suspending negotiations. President Juan Manuel Santos will send his team back to talks hosted by Cuba after verifying that the FARC was prepared to head back to the negotiating table, former Vice President ...

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‘The war dehumanised us’: Colombia president — Civilians are affected most by Colombia’s war | Reuters

Defected members (with armbands) of Colombian guerrilla group ELN fall in at a military base during their surrender and the handover of their weapons, in Cali, Colombia, July 16, 2013. (photo: REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga)

At least 220,000 Colombians have been killed – eight in every 10 of whom are civilians – during Colombia’s conflict since 1958, according to a landmark report by a local research centre. The report published on Wednesday by Colombian researchers at the National Centre for Historical Memory in Bogota is based on dozens of testimonies collected over six years from ...

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