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Colombia peace worries after rebels offer to arm protesters | GlobalPost

A government negotiator expressed concern Monday over Colombia’s peace process, after a FARC guerrilla unit offered to supply a rural protest with fighters and weapons. The controversy was touched off Monday by the FARC’s Magdalena Medio bloc when it issued a statement aligning itself with protests by farm workers in a border region with Venezuela. “You can count on our ...

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Human rights central to Colombia’s peace process, UN official stresses during visit | U.N. News Centre

Respect for human rights will be critical as Colombia transitions from conflict to peace, a top United Nations official stressed, noting in particular that the rights of victims must be at the centre of the Government’s negotiations with rebel groups. “It will not be easy to create a society that respects each other’s rights after years of conflict,” High Commissioner ...

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Colombian peace talks resume in Cuba amid tensions | Reuters

The Colombian government and leftist FARC rebels clashed on Monday over how to incorporate Latin America’s oldest guerrilla movement into the democratic process, as they began the latest round of peace talks in Havana. The FARC reiterated its demand that Colombia’s 2014 general election be postponed a year in favor of a constituent assembly to chart the country’s political future. ...

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O’Grady: Colombia’s Peace Talks Are in a Perilous Phase | WSJ.com

By categorizing violent crime and even what are essentially crimes against humanity—including the recruitment of child soldiers—as “political crimes,” the Santos government can now offer the FARC political “eligibility” in exchange for an end to hostilities. For more on this story, visit: O’Grady: Colombia’s Peace Talks Are in a Perilous Phase – WSJ.com.

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BOGOTA: Colombian peace talks resume as the FARC eyes its political future | MiamiHerald.com

Is Latin America’s oldest guerrilla group ready to trade bullets for ballots? That’s the issue negotiators began tackling in Havana on Tuesday as Colombia resumed negotiations to end a half-century old civil war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. At the center of this round of negotiations is the legal framework that will allow the jungle-hardened Revolutionary Armed ...

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Cuba says Venezuela’s spat with Colombia could hurt peace talks | Reuters

Cuba expressed support on Saturday for its ally Venezuela in a row with Colombia, which Havana suggested could hurt peace talks it has been hosting to end Colombia’s long war with leftist rebels. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez declared in a statement Cuba’s “unvarying position of solidarity with Venezuela and of recognition of the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro.” ...

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Colombia and the FARC: Digging in for peace | The Economist

VIOTÁ, a small town in a broad tropical valley two hours’ drive from Bogotá, was once known as a place where Communist peasants and Conservative landowners coexisted unusually peacefully, dividing up coffee haciendas into smaller plots. All changed in the 1990s, when the FARC guerrillas turned up. They killed the mayor and ten councillors, extorted payments from local businesses and ...

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Colombians march in support of FARC peace talks | BBC News

President Juan Manuel Santos called on Colombians to seize the opportunity. “All conditions are set. We need to unite all Colombians and put an end to the conflict,” said Mr Santos at a march in the capital, Bogota. The talks, aimed at ending five decades of violence, are taking place in Cuba. The demonstrations have attracted large crowds in Cali, ...

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Colombia rebels say peace requires social ‘justice’ | GlobalPost

Colombia’s leftist FARC rebels said Wednesday that an end to Latin America’s longest-running armed conflict would only come about as a result of policies providing for social “justice.” FARCThe Colombian government has been holding talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Cuba since November in a bid to end a conflict that began as a peasant revolt ...

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