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Egypt Supreme Court Dissolves Parliament, Blesses Shafiq Candidacy | Antiwar.com

Junta Reimposes Martial Law, Weekend Vote in Doubt by Jason Ditz Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court has thrown the entire nation’s political future in doubt today, ruling that the elected parliament must be dissolved while endorsing the candidacy of Air Marshall Ahmed Shafiq for president. For more on this story, visit: Egypt Supreme Court Dissolves Parliament, Blesses Shafiq Candidacy — News ...

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Guinea-Bissau military attack parts of capital | BBC News

Soldiers have taken control of much of the capital of the Guinea-Bissau in what appears to be a coup attempt. Heavy gunfire was heard in the city of Bissau and at the residence of outgoing Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior. Troops also took control of the national radio station and ruling party’s headquarters. For more on this story, visit: BBC ...

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Mali’s president resigns after coup | guardian.co.uk

The president of Mali, Amadou Toumani Touré, resigned on Sunday, and the soldiers who ousted him in a coup promised to hand power to the president of the National Assembly. Neighbouring states meeting to discuss turmoil in the north of the country, one of the main reasons for the military’s deposal of Touré, differed over whether to crush the northern ...

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Mali coup: soldiers loot presidential palace after seizing power | guardian.co.uk

Gunfire rang out in Mali’s capital on Thursday as drunken soldiers looted the presidential palace after seizing power in a coup. Witnesses in Bamako described bursts of shooting south of the central Badalabougou area as further details emerged about the mutinous soldiers, who have formed themselves into the National Committee for the Restoration of Democracy and State (CNRDR). The group ...

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Possible Mali coup as soldiers storm TV station | The Guardian

Soldiers have stormed the state TV and radio station in Mali, as fears of a possible coup gripped the country after a military mutiny spread from a garrison in the capital to one thousands of miles away. The sound of heavy weapons rang out, even as a tweet apparently from the presidential palace insisted, “There is no coup in Mali. ...

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The Bloodshed in Honduras: Obama’s Disgrace: 59 Political Killings This Year | Counterpunch

Imagine that an opposition organizer were murdered in broad daylight in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador or Venezuela by masked gunmen, or kidnapped and murdered by armed guards of a well-known supporter of the government. It would be front page news in the New York Times, and all over the TV news. The U.S. State Department would issue a strong statement of ...

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