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Ukraine’s IMF Deal | Jack Rasmus, CounterPunch

by Jack Rasmus On March 27, 2014, the IMF released the broad outlines of its terms and conditions for loans and other measures for the Ukrainian economy. What those terms and conditions mean is less a rescue of the Ukrainian economy than the onset of a Greece-like economic depression for the Ukrainian populace. Ukraine’s economy had clearly entered a recession, ...

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Ukraine: UN condemns Crimea vote as IMF and US back loans | BBC

The UN General Assembly has approved a resolution describing the Moscow-backed referendum that led to Russia’s annexation of Crimea as illegal. It comes after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to a loan deal with Ukraine worth $14-18bn. The US Congress also passed legislation on Thursday backing a $1bn loan guarantee for Ukraine. For more on this story, visit: BBC ...

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U.S. Warns Russia After Crimea Votes to Secede | Democracy Now!

Crimea has formally asked to join Russia after voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum to secede from Ukraine. Crimean authorities say 96.8 percent of voters supported the referendum, but many members of the ethnic Ukrainian and Muslim Tatar minorities in Crimea stayed home in a boycott. The Obama administration has threatened sanctions on Russia if Crimea follows through and secedes. Russia ...

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US, West brace for Crimea vote to leave Ukraine | The AP

The West braced Friday for a vote by the Crimean Peninsula to secede from Ukraine — and likely be annexed by Russia — as the last attempt for diplomacy broke down despite threats of costly international sanctions and other imminent penalties against Moscow for forcibly challenging a pro-European government in Kiev. For more on this story, visit: US, West brace ...

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