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Abu Yahya al-Libi and this perpetually self-defeating ‘war on terror’ | Moazzam Begg, guardian.co.uk

Behind the killing by drone strike of al-Qaida’s No 2 lies a story of the senseless brutality by which the US makes its enemies by Moazzam Begg Killing with drones may have the short-term effect of eliminating a few obscure enemies. But with all the civilian casualties, the strategy is generating still more hostility, at a time when everyone admits ...

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First the ‘targeted killing’ campaign, then the targeted propaganda campaign | Jameel Jaffer and Nathan Wessler, guardian.co.uk

Officially, the CIA insists its drone war is a state secret, yet we’re now seeing a concerted PR effort to sanitise its dubious legality by Jameel Jaffer and Nathan Wessler A story in last week’s New York Times painted a remarkably detailed picture of the US government’s so-called “targeted killing” campaign, a campaign that involves the use of unmanned aerial ...

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Pakistan to US: Drone Flights Must End | Common Dreams

Pakistan on Tuesday told the United States it will no longer permit US drones to use Pakistan’s airspace to launch attacks or collect intelligence, a media report said. Pakistan Ambassador to Washington Sherry Rehman met Vice President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Antony Blinken on March 9, 2012. She told him Pakistan’s political parties had agreed that the drone flights ...

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The Crash and Burn Future of Robot Warfare | Tomgram: Nick Turse, Drone Disasters

American fighter jets screamed over the Iraqi countryside heading for the MQ-1 Predator drone, while its crew in California stood by helplessly. What had begun as an ordinary reconnaissance mission was now taking a ruinous turn. In an instant, the jets attacked and then it was all over. The Predator, one of the Air Force’s workhorse hunter/killer robots, had been ...

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U.S. drone base in Ethiopia is operational | The Washington Post

The Air Force has been secretly flying armed Reaper drones on counterterrorism missions from a remote civilian airport in southern Ethi­o­pia as part of a rapidly expanding U.S.-led proxy war against an al-Qaeda affiliate in East Africa, U.S. military officials said. The Air Force has invested millions of dollars to upgrade an airfield in Arba Minch, Ethi­o­pia, where it has ...

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The CIA and the Drones | Counterpunch

When David Petraeus walks into the Central Intelligence Agency today, he will be taking over an organisation whose mission has changed in recent years from gathering and analysing intelligence to waging military campaigns through drone strikes in Pakistan, as well as in Yemen and Somalia. But the transformation of the CIA did not simply follow the expansion of the drone ...

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Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks | The Guardian

Campaigners against US drone strikes in Pakistan are calling for the CIA’s former legal chief to be arrested and charged with murder for approving attacks that killed hundreds of people. Amid growing concern around the world over the use of drones, lawyers and relatives of some of those killed are seeking an international arrest warrant for John Rizzo, until recently ...

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Liaquat Ali Khan: Rising Anti-Americanism in Pakistan | CounterPunch

On May 14, after deliberations of over 10 hours, the democratically-elected Pakistan Parliament in a joint session of both houses passed a unanimous resolution to reclaim Pakistan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national security against U.S. military actions. Invoking the U.N. Charter, international law, and humanitarian norms, the resolution specifically condemns “the continued drone attacks on the territory of Pakistan,” which ...

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CIA Spy Captured in Pakistan; No Drone Attacks Since | The Guardian, Institute for Public Accuracy

CIA American who sparked diplomatic crisis over Lahore shooting was CIA spy Raymond Davis employed by CIA ‘beyond shadow of doubt’ Former soldier charged with murder over deaths of two men Davis accused of shooting one man twice in the back as he fled The American who shot dead two men in Lahore, triggering a diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and ...

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