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Inclusive green growth or extractive greenwashed decay? | TripleCrisis

by Patrick Bond The debate over the Green Economy rages on next month in Rio de Janeiro, at the International Society for Ecological Economics meetings, the Cupulo dos Povos alternative people’s summit, and the UN’s Rio+20 Earth Summit. Proponents and critics of ‘green growth’ capitalism will butt heads using narratives about valuations of nature and the efficacy of markets. Boiling ...

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Rachel Carson and the legacy of Silent Spring | The Observer

Fifty years after the publication of the book that laid the foundations for the environmental movement, what have we learned from the biologist who saw the need for science to work with nature? Serialised in the New Yorker during the summer of 1962, Silent Spring was published that September. It remains one of the most effective denunciations of industrial malpractice ...

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The Philanthropic Complex | jacobinmag.com

In the fall of 2009 I was approached by Hal Clifford, editor of Orion Magazine, and asked to write an essay about American philanthropy, especially in relation to environmentalism. From the first I was dubious about the assignment. I said, “Not-for-profit organizations like you cannot afford to attack philanthropy because if you attack one foundation you may as well attack ...

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Environmentalism in the Age of Disbelief: Science as Scapegoat | Counterpunch

In a recent interview, former Maine Senator George Mitchell “called upon President Barack Obama — and everyone else who backs stiff environmental protection laws and the science behind climate change — to be bold and persistent in the face of opponents.” In a keynote address to the Natural Resources Council of Maine, Mitchell said, ““We’ve all seen environmental protection used ...

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