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FBI and CIA were too busy fighting each other to avert 9/11 | RT

In 1999 the US had the opportunity to potentially stop the 9/11 attacks in New York City, but failed due to internal disputes between the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations and National Security Agency. In that same year the Taliban had settled on a license with an American company, Afghan Wireless Communications, to build a cell-phone and Internet ...

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AUDIO: Anonymous Hacks FBI-Scotland Yard Phone Call | RSN

Investigators can be heard discussing joint inquiry into cybercrime in 15-minute call released on the internet ackers from the group Anonymous have broadcast a private conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard exposing details of an international cybercrime investigation, the FBI has confirmed. The FBI and Scotland Yard admitted that the security of the call had been breached. Investigators ...

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Debunking the Iran ‘Terror Plot’ | Counterpunch

A close analysis of the FBI deposition reveals … that independent evidence for the charge that Arbabsiar was sent by the Qods Force on a mission to arrange for the assassination of Jubeir is lacking. The FBI account is full of holes and contradictions, moreover. The document gives good reason to doubt that Arbabsiar and his confederates in Iran had ...

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FBI Expands ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Antiwar Activists

The FBI on Tuesday added four more names to the list of antiwar activists subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury as part of an investigation into whether members of the peace movement provided “material support” for terrorism. Read more in Change.org: FBI Expands ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Antiwar Activists

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