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Break out of your class bubble, get training and win! | Waging Nonviolence

by George Lakey | October 16, 2012 Many activists have access to anti-oppression trainings, and that’s one place to learn the kind of “inclusive strategizing” needed to build movements that cross class lines. But beware! Some traditional training styles that activists use have been influenced unwittingly by classist assumptions. I need to eat my own humble pie. I was part ...

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Activism and the limits of consensus | PeaceNews.info

The final part of our interview with US activist George Lakey ImageConsensus decision-making has become dominant in activist circles. Not everyone practises it, but almost everyone wants to be using it, or to lay some claim to be using it. Among some folk, consensus decision-making has become not only an essential part of social change, but a pre-condition of working ...

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