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Massive melting of Andes glaciers | BBC News

A study says glaciers in the Andes mountain range of South America are retreating at rates faster than any in the past 300 years — between 30% and 50% since the 1970s — and “will probably completely disappear within the coming decades.” The glaciers, which provide fresh water for tens of millions in South America, are retreating at their fastest ...

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A Quest to Document Earth’s Disappearing Glaciers: e360 Gallery

For the past six years, photographer James Balog has deployed dozens of time-lapse cameras around the world to chronicle one of the starkest examples of global warming — melting glaciers. In a photo gallery and interview with Yale Environment 360, Balog displays his work and discusses his passion to capture these vanishing landscapes. For more on this story, visit: A ...

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Loss of Arctic sea ice ‘70% man-made’ | The Guardian

Study finds only 30% of radical loss of summer sea ice is due to natural variability in Atlantic – and it will probably get worse by Alok Jha, science correspondent The radical decline in sea ice around the Arctic is at least 70% due to human-induced climate change, according to a new study, and may even be up to 95% ...

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