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Islamophobia, Left and Right: Ignorance on Parade | Counterpunch

… That movie: The Innocence of Muslims … is a film produced at a time in which, across Europe and the United States, the far right has developed an Islamophobic doctrine that replicates, almost exactly, the key tropes of traditional anti-Semitism. Jews will not integrate. Jews are more fertile than Christians and are outbreeding them. Europe is becoming a province, ...

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American Empire: the Feature Film | Counterpunch

Scott Noble’s “The Power Principle” by RON JACOBS Discussing the nature of the US Empire and how it got to where it is today with most US residents is always a challenge. Recommending books explaining it is equally so. This is especially true when one considers that most people who live in the United States have little or no concept ...

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The Bomb – review | The Guardian

Nicolas Kent bids farewell to the Tricycle with a characteristically grand project: a two-part history of the nuclear bomb consisting of 10 separate plays. Obviously not everything can be included: no room for the 1962 Cuban missile crisis or the extraordinary 1987 Reykjavik summit where Gorbachev proposed a 50% cut in nuclear weapons. But this is still an astonishing achievement ...

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Dream deterred | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The dream of a shield against nuclear bombs has been around since the earliest days of the nuclear age. The idea has always been deceptively simple: Build missiles that can shoot down nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles as they come across the ocean from the Soviet Union toward the United States (or vice-versa). Although this would be the equivalent of trying ...

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Iran to patrol US East Coast | RT

Sick of the American navy’s ongoing presence in the Persian Gulf, an official with the military of Iran announced this week that they will be sending ships over to be stationed off the coast of the United States. In other words, Iran thinks that what’s good for the goose is good for the colossal, militaristic gander. “Like the arrogant powers ...

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