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Honduran Elections Signal Increased Militarism and Resource Extraction | Truth-Out

In Latin America, there’s a popular chant that translates to: “Send the soldiers back to the barracks!” But the next president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández of the National Party, campaigned on the opposite platform, promising further militarization of the country. Hernández, who was declared the winner of a contested election in late November, famously asked in a campaign speech, ...

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Honduras Presidential Elections in Dispute as Activists Defy Violence to Back Ousted Leader’s Wife | Democracy Now!

Both candidates are claiming victory in Honduras’ disputed presidential election. The race has pitted Xiomara Castro, wife of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, against right-wing candidate Juan Orlando Hernández. According to election officials, with more than half of precincts reporting, Hernández has won 34 percent of the vote, while Castro has 29 percent. Castro’s husband, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted in a ...

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Will Congress act to stop US support for Honduras’ death squad regime? | Mark Weisbrot, guardian.co.uk

The video (warning: contains graphic images of lethal violence), caught randomly on a warehouse security camera, is chilling. Five young men walk down a quiet street in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A big black SUV pulls up, followed by a second vehicle. Two masked men with bullet-proof vests jump out of the lead car, with AK-47s raised. The two youths closest to ...

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Behind Paraguay’s Presidential Ouster | Jennifer McCoy, Interpress Service via The Carter Center

In Paraguay, like Honduras, very little change has occurred in the gross inequities in land distribution. When Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo was impeached on June 22 in a lightning-quick legislative manoeuvre, the hemisphere was shocked, with some governments calling it a ‘parliamentary coup’ and refusing to accept the vice president sworn in as the new president. The episode exemplifies the ...

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The Threat–Again–of Left-Wing Latin American Democracy | FAIR Blog

You can count on U.S. corporate media to express alarm about the threat posed by left-wing governments in Latin America. Sometimes it’s military hype (think Soviet MiGs in Nicaragua), but more typically it takes the form of a generalized concern about certain governments’ commitment to democratic ideals. But how do you sound the alarm about left-wing threats to democracy when ...

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