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The world must continue to invest in the two Sudans’ future | Derek Plumbly, guardian.co.uk

Fighting in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile and the stalled negotiations between north and south need attention. The governments of Sudan and South Sudan deserve real credit for the south’s smooth transition to independence in July, but there remain difficult issues outstanding between them. An interim agreement on management of the disputed border area of Abyei has yet to be ...

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LETTER: 126 nations recognize Palestine | The New Haven Register

In the coverage and commentary on the Palestinian bid for U.N. membership, I find no mention of the number of nations that already recognize the statehood of Palestine. Through the website of the Guardian, a major British newspaper, I learn that it is 126 — 50 percent more than those that recognize Kosovo, which declared its independence to much acclaim ...

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South Sudan’s independence day | The Guardian

Editorial The Guardian, Saturday 9 July 2011 Today is independence day for the Republic of Southern Sudan: a burst of glorious celebration in a region routinely reported in tones of gloom. This is a day that many Sudanese must have thought would never come. There was an interminable civil war with the north that began in the 1950s. When it ...

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South Sudan celebrates a sweet day of separation | The Observer

Soldiers and traditional dance troupes paraded by before the Speaker of the southern parliament read the independence proclamation. The Sudanese flag was lowered, and the flag of South Sudan raised. Kiir took the oath of office. The north-south, Arab-non-Muslim divide that has always existed in Sudan was made official; the country split in two. Read more here: South Sudan celebrates ...

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Israel Independence Day | Ori Nir, Americans for Peace Now

“Israelis increasingly understand that their continued independence depends on the realization of an independent Palestinian state, that divided sovereignty over the land is not a zero-sum game, but a win-win. This gives me hope.” Irael’s  independence day, May 10, is a good time to revel in what such a small country has achieved in such a short time and under ...

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Afghanistan must shed the myth of independence | Nushin Arbabzadah, guardian.co.uk

In an interview with the Guardian, Afghan human rights activist Orzala Asharf-Nemat said it was the responsibility of the Afghan people to create their own national identity. Her point is absolutely valid. But since transnational concepts such as socialism (1980s), Islam (1990s) and democracy (2000s) have all failed to create a stable nation, we need to ask ourselves what is ...

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