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ISIS is only the #2 Danger for Iraqis in Mosul and Baghdad

In February of 2016 the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad issued a blunt warning to its diplomats.  It said, “Mosul Dam faces a serious and unprecedented risk of catastrophic failure with little warning,”  Failure of the dam would flood Mosul in some areas to 60 feet.  The water would continue down river and reach Baghdad in four days.  The embassy told ...

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Beating ISIS in Mosul Won’t Heal Deep Iraq Divisions

*** Fighting ISIS is a coalition stretching from U.S. soldiers to Kurdish militias *** Iraq government is dominated by Shia sectarians *** No alternatives to unfair Iraqi government are on the horizon *** ISIS will fall, but another version will arise if injustices remain   The offensive to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, has been going on since mid-October.  It ...

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