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Guest: Time to cut defense spending | HeraldTribune.com

By GENE JONES As the slow growth economy grinds on for most Americans, one economic segment is unlikely to feel the pain — the Department of Defense and defense contractors. Within the last month, the House of Representatives passed a super-sized defense budget and most representatives voted to continue the folly in Afghanistan by funding the counterproductive war for another ...

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Greece’s austerity doesn’t extend to its arms budget | Paul Haydon, guardian.co.uk

In the wake of the private sector debt swap agreed last week, European leaders have continued to call for major structural reforms to Greece’s economy and society. The current EU-IMF bailout remains conditional on further austerity measures, including reducing pensions, the minimum-wage and civil service jobs. However, one area of the Greek budget doesn’t seem to have received much scrutiny: ...

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Tom Engelhardt: What About the War Ceiling? | CounterPunch

By now, it seems as if everybody and his brother has joined the debt-ceiling imbroglio in Washington, perhaps the strangest homespun drama of our time. It’s as if Washington’s leading political players, aided and abetted by the media’s love of the horserace, had eaten LSD-laced brownies, then gone on stage before an audience of millions to enact a psychotic spectacle ...

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Winslow T. Wheeler: Defense Spending and the Debt Deal | CounterPunch

There are numerous misleading and misinformed assertions being made about the defense spending parts of the debt deal. The debt deal kicks the defense budget can down the road for this and future Congresses. People should not read precision and certainty into a political deal specifically designed to be uncertain and indistinct. Winslow T. Wheeler is director of the Straus ...

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