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‘When Obama says Putin is trapped in Cold War logic, it’s true. But so is Obama’ | wonkblog

If Russia would agree, Obama would dramatically reduce the U.S. arsenal. He’s hesitant to do it independently. He wants Russian agreement. But Russia won’t agree. And Russia is hanging all these other issues on nuclear agreement. Putin wants to talk NATO conventional forces. He wants to talk new precision strike weapons the U.S. has that some fear can knock out ...

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What was the real purpose of Barack Obama’s $100m visit to Africa? | Stop The War Coalition

Not all South Africans swallowed the White House spin on Barack Obama's visit to Africa in June 2013.

There is little room for optimism that Obama will transform America’s militaristic Africa agenda into one that promotes peace and development in accordance with what Africans want. … Today the so-called War on Terror has emerged as the new paradigm for Washington’s policy toward Africa. Framed as ungoverned territory ripe for Islamic extremism, wide swaths of the African continent are ...

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“Humanitarian War”: Obama’s Syria Military Game Plan: Libya 2.0 | Global Research

Obama’s already waging multiple direct and proxy wars. He’s heading America for more. Russia, China and most other nations want peace. May 8 commemorates Victory in Europe Day (VE Day). Russia’s toll was greatest. For many, war horrors still echo. On May 9, Russia commemorated Victory Day. Ceremonies included an elaborate Red Square military parade. Vladimir Putin spoke on the ...

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