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How to build a progressive movement in a polarized country | WNV

Protesters rally outside a Trumpy campaign event in Anaheim, Calif. For more info,

Whether it’s assault rifles, racial justice, immigration or fossil fuels, the country is rocked by conflicting narratives and rising passions. In a recent national poll, 70 percent of Americans say the political divide is at least as big as during the Vietnam War. In December, I completed a year-and-a-half book tour in over 80 towns and cities in United States. ...

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Teaching and learning civil resistance in West Africa | Waging Nonviolence

by Mary Elizabeth King The real-life experience of African nonviolent struggles was important for Martin Luther King, Jr., who drew knowledge and encouragement from the civil resistance of Africans in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and elsewhere in their quests for independence from colonial rule. In 1957 he visited the Gold Coast (soon to be renamed Ghana), with Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, ...

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