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Nuclear War Through North Korean Eyes | Counterpunch

by NICK BOWIE There is little doubt that civilians on both sides of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) are weighed down with anxiety as both countries carry out provocative large-scale military drills amid threats of nuclear war. North Korea has recently announced that it will no longer abide by the UN-brokered armistice that ended the Korean War with a ceasefire ...

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US deems North Korea nuclear strike unlikely without threat to dynasty | guardian.co.uk

Intelligence report comes as North Korea state press say people ready to ‘rain bullets on the enemy’ amid increasing tensions North Korea is unlikely to carry out its bellicose threats to unleash a nuclear attack on the US and South Korea unless the Kim dynasty’s control of the communist regime is threatened, the White House intelligence chief said on Tuesday. ...

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North Korea cuts peace hotline as South begins military drills | guardian.co.uk

South Korea has begun annual military exercises with the US and says the North has apparently cut off a hotline used to maintain the armistice that Pyongyang has recently repudiated over nuclear test sanctions. After the start of the drills, South Korean officials said their northern counterparts didn’t answer two calls on the hotline between the sides, apparently following through ...

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Can Dennis Rodman’s ‘basketball diplomacy’ make a difference in North Korea? | CSMonitor.com

Rodman’s visit to North Korea comes just weeks after the country’s third nuclear weapons test. Some say such trips, like that of Google chief Eric Schmidt, boost the North’s positioning. For more on this story, visit: Can Dennis Rodman’s ‘basketball diplomacy’ make a difference in North Korea? – CSMonitor.com. ALSO: Flamboyant former NBA star Dennis Rodman and three members of ...

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Focus on Nonproliferation—Not Disarmament—in North Korea | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The physical reverberations from North Korea’s third nuclear test took just minutes to die down. But the political, psychological, and strategic consequences will be felt for years to come. The North Korean government has claimed that this test—which appears to have produced a higher yield than the first two—was of a “smaller and light” weapon. The implied threat is that ...

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North Korea tells UN disarmament meeting that South Korea risks ‘final destruction’ | The Washington Post

BERLIN — Nuclear-armed North Korea has used a U.N. disarmament meeting to warn that South Korea risks “final destruction.” The comments Tuesday by a North Korean diplomat at the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament come a week after Pyongyang conducted a third nuclear test. For more on this story, visit: North Korea tells UN disarmament meeting that South Korea risks ‘final ...

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N. Korea threatens military action against ‘southern puppets’ | RT

Pyongyang has warned of ‘physical countermeasures’ against South Korea if they participate in the UN sanctions against the North. Tensions are simmering on the peninsula after North Korea announced a third military test ‘targeting’ the US. “If the South Korean puppet regime of traitors directly participates in the so-called UN sanctions, strong physical countermeasures will be taken,” the North’s Committee ...

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