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What Obama Didn’t Say in His Speech on NSA Spying | The Nation

The reforms that will likely get the most attention affect the telephone metadata program, which is authorized under section 215 of the Patriot Act. The president said he will end this program “as it currently exists,” by giving the intelligence community two months to develop “alternative approaches” that nevertheless preserve the metadata dragnet.

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Obama review panel: strip NSA of power to collect phone data records | The Guardian

The National Security Agency should be banned from attempting to undermine the security of the internet and stripped of its power to collect telephone records in bulk, a White House review panel recommended on Wednesday. In a 300-page report prepared for President Obama, the panel made 46 recommendations, including that the authority for spying on foreign leaders should be granted ...

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Edward Snowden says calls for reforms prove his leaks are justified | RT News

Debates about mass surveillance and calls for “reforms to politics, supervision and laws” mean leaks about US secret service were justified, a former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden wrote in his “Manifesto for the Truth”. In his opinion piece, published in German Der Spiegel news magazine on Sunday, Snowden writes that his revelations have in fact been useful and society will ...

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Eugene Robinson: The Out-of-Control NSA | TruthOut

Let’s get this straight: The National Security Agency snooped on the cellphone conversations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Perhaps for as long as a decade? And President Obama didn’t know a thing about it? Either somebody’s lying or Obama needs to acknowledge that the NSA, in its quest for omniscience beyond anything Orwell could have imagined, is simply out of ...

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