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Reflections on Omnicide, Nuclear Deterrence and a Maginot Line in the Mind | TruthOut

I offer a few reflections in an effort to separate fact from fiction with regard to nuclear weapons, their capacity for devastation and our ability to assure global security by preventing their use. First, today’s nuclear arsenals are capable of omnicide, the death of all. In that sense, nuclear weapons are not really weapons but instruments of annihilation. They place ...

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NYTimes letter to the editor: ‘Nuclear Disarmament’ | NYTimes.com

We share with your editorial (“The Foreign Policy Agenda,” Nov. 12) the view that one of President Obama’s “singular contributions has been his vision of a world without nuclear weapons.” We would go further and suggest that realizing this vision would ensure Mr. Obama a legacy of honor, not only for America, but also for the world. RICHARD FALK and ...

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The Sunflower – eNewsletter of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation – Issue 178 – May 2012 | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The Sunflower is a monthly e-newsletter providing educational information on nuclear weapons abolition and other issues relating to global security. Help us spread the word and forward this to a friend. Subscribe to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Sunflower newsletter and Action Alert Network. Perspectives Nuclear Zero: Getting to the Finish Line by David Krieger Nuclear Weapons as Instruments of ...

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Beyond START | Alice Slater, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

In order to honor our promise in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to negotiate in good faith for nuclear disarmament in return for a promise by non-nuclear weapons states not to acquire nuclear weapons, it is essential that the US and Russia continue to make large reductions in their arsenals to create the conditions for the other nuclear weapons states to ...

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