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A resurgent anti-nuclear weapons movement – just in time | Waging Nonviolence

Nuclear weapons have been U.S. society’s plumb line for seven decades. Even when other issues capture our attention and the atomic threat fades in and out of public consciousness, nuclear arms and their sprawling reach — physical, political, cultural, economic, psychological — endure. They are always somewhere in the picture, even if we happen to be looking elsewhere. For more ...

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West defeats Iran initiative at major U.N. nuclear meeting | Reuters

* Recognised nuclear weapon states, others opposed this * Debate highlighted divisions on key IAEA activity By Fredrik Dahl VIENNA, Sept 22 Reuters -Western states defeated an Iranian proposal at the U.N. nuclear agency’s annual assembly on Saturday to amend their draft resolution on a policy area central to its work in preventing the spread of atom bombs. The draft ...

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Patrick Pexton: What about Israel’s nuclear weapons? | The Washington Post

By Patrick B. Pexton Readers periodically ask me some variation on this question: “Why does the press follow every jot and tittle of Iran’s nuclear program, but we never see any stories about Israel’s nuclear weapons capability?” It’s a fair question. Going back 10 years into Post archives, I could not find any in-depth reporting on Israeli nuclear capabilities, although ...

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Paul Heroux: Iran’s Nuclear Program: Challenging Conventional Options | The Huffington Post

Misguided Narratives There are two competing narratives on how to deal with Iran. But the idea that there are only two narratives or options is misguided. The first dominant option claims that since Iran can’t be trusted, they must be producing nuclear weapons and therefore if they don’t do everything that the U.S. and Israel demands, they should be attacked. ...

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Gutting START; Re-Starting a Nuclear Arms Race | Counterpunch

A Line-by-line Analysis of National Defense Authorization Act, Nuclear Provisions by ROBERT ALVAREZ The U.S. House of Representatives will soon take up the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013. (H.R. 4310). Attached is a section by section analysis of the nuclear weapons provisions I did over the past couple weeks. Also, here is the web-link to the ...

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Nuclear Famine Report: A billion people at risk | PSR

PSR and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) have released a report that demonstrates that a regional nuclear war could put 1 billion people at risk of famine. Without strong movement towards nuclear abolition, more countries will develop their own domestic nuclear weapons programs and the threat of a regional nuclear conflict will only continue to ...

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Hundreds Arrested At Pre-Chicago NATO Protest | Common Dreams

Belgian Police arrested 483 peace activists on Sunday as they attempted to gain access to NATO headquarters in Brussels. The activists trekked across fields and climbed over fences leading to the HQ but were stopped by up to 600 police officers in a ‘heavy handed’ repression of the protest. The demonstration was organized by Action for Peace as a preemptive ...

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