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$1 Trillion for a U.S. Nuclear Buildup | The New York Times

"[The] assertion that 'since setting off the nuclear age, America has been the major, if imperfect, force behind the restraints that exist' ignores the sorry history of the United States’ provocative expansion of its nuclear arms and its rejection of numerous offers ... to ratchet down the hostilities." ~ Alice Slater, World Beyond War

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Containment a more practical option | nationmultimedia.com

The dangers posed by the retention and proliferation of nuclear weapon stockpiles far outweigh any conceivable positive contribution to security they might offer. Recognising that chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction are not only the most indiscriminately inhumane and morally offensive ever invented, and also the only ones capable of destroying life on our endangered planet as we ...

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NYTimes letter to the editor: ‘Nuclear Disarmament’ | NYTimes.com

We share with your editorial (“The Foreign Policy Agenda,” Nov. 12) the view that one of President Obama’s “singular contributions has been his vision of a world without nuclear weapons.” We would go further and suggest that realizing this vision would ensure Mr. Obama a legacy of honor, not only for America, but also for the world. RICHARD FALK and ...

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