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Occupy Bangkok: Protesters Shut Down the Wall Street of Thailand | Truthdig

An estimated 100,000 protesters shut down Bangkok’s commercial district Monday. It’s where the deals are done and the wealthy of Thai society live. Bangkok is a notoriously difficult city to negotiate, and that’s without the masses blocking off already-choked traffic lanes. One faction of demonstrators has, according to The New York Times, given the prime minister until Wednesday to leave ...

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Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, 2013 as Year Zero for Us — and Our Planet | TomDispatch

In eastern Texas… extraordinary acts of civil disobedience have been going on continuously since August, including three blockaders who this month crawled inside a length of the three-foot-in-diameter pipeline and refused to leave. People have been using their bodies, getting in the way of heavy equipment, and going to jail in an effort to prevent the pipeline from being built. ...

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After Summer of Solidarity climate actions, push begins for an Autumn of Unity | Waging Nonviolence

A hard rain was falling on Monday night as Occupy the Pipeline activists spread out along New York’s Hudson River Park, in front of the site where workers in orange day-glow vests have been laboring around the clock on the New Jersey-New York Expansion Project. Known colloquially by the name of its builder, Spectra Energy, the Spectra Pipeline will pump ...

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Get ready for #GlobalNoise! | globalnoise.net

#globalNOISE #13O #GlobalNoise, Oct. 13, 2012, is a moment to establish new connections, strengthen our networks and communicate our plans for the future. The coming weeks and months a large number of events are scheduled, including the Global Education Strike on October 18, movement gatherings in Madrid (Agora99) and Florence (Firenze10+10) in November, the global day of action for the ...

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WNV on Democracy Now! (twice) for OWS anniversary | Waging Nonviolence

On Monday’s episode of Democracy Now! two of us from Waging Nonviolence appeared to discuss the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. First, WNV editor Nathan Schneider spoke with Frances Fox Piven, the renowned political scientist, and Suzanne Collado, an organizer with OWS’ Strike Debt campaign. Following that, our correspondent Laura Gottesdiener discussed her reporting on the rent strike in ...

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Occupy Your Victories | The Indypendent

By Rebecca Solnit Occupy is now a year old. A year is an almost ridiculous measure of time for much of what matters: at one year old, Georgia O’Keeffe was not a great painter, and Bessie Smith wasn’t much of a singer. One year into the Civil Rights Movement, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was still in progress, catalyzed by the ...

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Occupy May and June | War is a Crime.org

WASHINGTON, D.C.: May 8, 2012, Washington, D.C., Summit on Military Sexual Violence http://truthandjusticesummit.org May 11, 2012, Kids Sue Government for Warming the Globe: Pack the Court http://www.facebook.com/events/202436433204186 May 19, 2012, David Swanson speaking in Rockville, Md., with Peace Action Montgomery http://peaceactionmc.org CHICAGO: May 12-13, People’s Summit http://peoplessummitchicago.org May 17-19, Voices for Creative Nonviolence events and reunion. http://vcnv.org May 18-19, NATO-Free Future. http://natofreefuture.org ...

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