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GE and Hitachi plan new reactor to burn UK plutonium stockpile | guardian.co.uk

General Electric set out proposals on Wednesday to build a new nuclear reactor at Sellafield that would convert the UK’s stockpile of radioactive plutonium into electricity. The multibillion pound project would take plutonium – the residue from the UK’s nuclear power plants – and use it as fuel for a 600MW reactor that could provide power for 750,000 homes, according ...

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Nukes in Space: The Curiosity Mission | Counterpunch

NASA’s Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission says a launch accident discharging plutonium has a 1-in-420 chance of happening and could “release material into the regional area defined…to be within…62 miles of the launch pad,” That’s an area including Orlando. The EIS says “overall” on the mission, the likelihood of plutonium being released is just 1-in-220. ...

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Stop the New Plutonium Facility in New Mexico | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The Department of Energy (DOE) completed an Environmental Impact Statement analysis in 2004 for a new project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This project, called the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) is a huge new plutonium pit facility for expanded nuclear weapons production. As proposed, the CMRR project will cost close to $6 billion, a 1,000% increase over ...

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China Should Remain Prudent in Its Nuclear Fuel Path

Aspiring to be a global leader in nuclear power generation by mid-century, China is on the verge of investment decisions that could commit the country to fuel its rapidly growing fleet of nuclear power reactors with plutonium. Should China soon take major and possibly irreversible steps to go that route, the domestic, regional, and global impact of its actions will ...

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