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Mobilizing the propagandists in North Korea | BBC News

I have followed Pyongyang’s propaganda since the 1960s. It is a depressing chore, enlivened by the odd wry smile. Their recent jibe at the “venomous swish of her skirt” – a propos Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s first female president – was offensive, but it is an arresting phrase. That is an exception. Most Pyongyang prose is leaden and shrill. Bluster ...

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South Korea blocks anti-Pyongyang activists from releasing propaganda in balloons

South Korea blocked North Korean defectors from launching balloons carrying propaganda leaflets over the border after the North threatened military retaliation. About 80 anti-Pyongyang activists had planned to send 200,000 leaflets by balloons from Imjingak near the Demilitarized Zone at around 11:00 a.m., The Korea Times reported. However, the military and police banned access to the site, also blocking tourists, ...

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The fraud of ‘humanitarian wars’ | Salon.com

All wars, even the most unjustifiably aggressive, are wrapped in the same pretty rhetorical packaging By Glenn Greenwald Last month, I spoke at the University of Chicago as part of an event entitled “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Empire: Humanitarian Intervention and Neo-Orientalism.” Sponsored by the Muslim Students Association, the event also included Oxford Professor Tariq Ramadan, law professor ...

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Israel Shields Public from Risks of War with Iran by Gareth Porter | Antiwar.com

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been telling Israelis that Israel can attack Iran with minimal civilian Israeli casualties as a result of retaliation, and that reassuring message appears to have headed off any widespread Israeli fear of war with Iran and other adversaries. But the message that Iran is too weak to threaten an effective counterattack is ...

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The Dangerous Myths of Fukushima: Exposing the ‘No Harm’ Mantra | Counterpunch

The first reports issued by the Japanese government stated that emissions equaled 10% of 1986 Chernobyl emissions. A few weeks later, they doubled that estimate to 20%. By October 2011, an article in the journal Nature estimated Fukushima emissions to be more than double that of Chernobyl. How anyone, let alone scientists, could call Fukushima doses “too low” to cause ...

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Propagandizing for Perpetual War: Are Our Rulers Stupid, or Do They Think We’re Stupid? | Counterpunch

“As difficult as [the Iraq war] was, I think the price has been worth it, to establish a stable government in a very important region of the world.” … In one of his wartime essays, George Orwell remarked on some of the patently ridiculous claims of totalitarian propaganda. In his view, the point wasn’t whether it was believable or not; ...

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Why the US & Israel May Agree to Bombing Iran | Counterpunch

The arguments for attacking Iran are crazy, like those for attacking Iraq in response to 9-11. But that does not mean such an attack by the American and/or the Israelis will not occur. Indeed, I think the political pressure for such an attack is increasing. For more on this story, visit: Why the US & Israel May Agree to Bombing ...

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