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As Woody Guthrie Turns 100, We Protest Too Little | NYTimes.com

In October the Kennedy Center will throw a centennial party for Woody Guthrie, a star-studded concert with tickets topping out at $175. It will be America’s ultimate tribute to a beloved troubadour. “Through his unique music, words and style,” the Kennedy Center says, “Guthrie was able to bring attention and understanding to the critical issues of his day.” Poor Woody. ...

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Citizens’ groups propel rising wave of antinuclear activism | The Japan Times Online

Japanese summers are not kind to protesters. Under the scorching afternoon sun and into the humid evenings, however, tens of thousands of citizens have continued to chant against the restart of Japan’s nuclear reactors. On June 16, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda decided to restart the Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture. On July 5 it became the first reactor ...

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Surfing South Africa’s micro-protest wave | Pambazuka

By Patrick Bond If the wave of courageous protests continues, it is because new layers of activists are emerging whose backs are up against the wall, but who won’t give in. If police or party thugs do not intimidate them, their next step towards power will be to link up, meld micro-protests into a movement much bigger than the sum ...

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1 million+ march against Spain’s austerity measures | RT

Over a million of government workers and trade union members marched in Barcelona, Madrid and dozens of smaller cities to protest against the latest round of harsh austerity measures designed to cut Spain’s bloated deficit. In almost 80 cities held demonstrations on Thursday which came after concerns over Spain’s attempts to restore market confidence in its economy resurfaced after a ...

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Striking Back at Drone Attacks: Why has there been so little organized resistance to drone warfare? | In These Times via antiwar.com

As drones have fast become the weapon of choice—7,000 are already in use by the U.S. military, and 45 other countries are developing their own drone programs—the technology of warfare has vastly outpaced the laws governing its use. Groups like the International Committee for Robotic Arms Control (ICRAC) are advocating a new international regime to limit the use of drones. ...

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Tahrir Square protests resume over Mubarak and presidential election | guardian.co.uk

Thousands march on Tahrir to demand retrial for Mubarak and removal of Ahmed Shafik from the presidential runoff by Abdel-Rahman Hussein in Cairo Thousands of protesters descended on Tahrir Square on Tuesday as the schism threatening to tear Egyptian politics apart continued ahead of the presidential election runoff later this month. Several marches set off throughout the capital to join ...

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Bahrain protesters decry unity plans with Saudis | Boston.com

Tens of thousands of protesters chanting “Bahrain is not for sale’’ jammed a major highway Friday to denounce proposals for closer unity between the unrest-torn Gulf kingdom and neighboring Saudi Arabia. The rally’s large turnout — demonstrators stretched for more than five kilometers (three miles) along a main highway — underscored the strong backlash to efforts by Bahrain’s rulers to ...

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