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Edward Snowden Makes Surprise Guest Appearance at Putin Q&A | The Wire

Russian President Vladimir Putin took questions for four hours in another one of his famous live TV Q&As on Thursday, fielding and dodging inquiries, about Ukraine, Crimea, Alaska, Obama’s willingness to let him drown, and Russia’s participation in spying on its people. That last one was asked by surprise guest Edward Snowden, naturally. Snowden, who has been residing in Russia ...

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Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, Evacuate the Economy | TomDispatch

Call it a nightmare that passes for good news. Recently, the New York Times optimistically headlined a front-page piece by reporters Coral Davenport and Steven Erlanger, “U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin.” It offered an eerie overview of where the administration of the president who came into office committed to reversing global warming has ended up. If ...

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Putin works Obama shirks | English pravda.ru


Last week the West focused on Syria and Putin focused on a better economy for the world. The Obama fly kept getting into Putin’s eye but he would knock it away when necessary. The question is why is Obama in any economic meeting? He can’t fix the economic debt in America. Even with a Democratic majority in both the House ...

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‘When Obama says Putin is trapped in Cold War logic, it’s true. But so is Obama’ | wonkblog

If Russia would agree, Obama would dramatically reduce the U.S. arsenal. He’s hesitant to do it independently. He wants Russian agreement. But Russia won’t agree. And Russia is hanging all these other issues on nuclear agreement. Putin wants to talk NATO conventional forces. He wants to talk new precision strike weapons the U.S. has that some fear can knock out ...

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G8 is now a ‘peace conference’ says David Cameron | Telegraph


The use of the term “peace conference” to describe the meeting of world leaders in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland marks a change in tone compared to interviews he gave over the weekend. It comes after several leading figures, from London Mayor Boris Johnson to Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke out against suggestions that Mr Cameron favours joining President Barack Obama ...

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Russia ready to join UN peacekeeping mission on Israel-Syria border | RT News

Russia may replace Austrian UN peacekeepers who withdrew from the Golan Heights on the Israel-Syria border. A UN representative has welcomed the proposal, first announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “In view of the complicated situation which is currently unfolding on the Golan Heights, we could replace the Austrian peacekeeping contingent, which is withdrawing from this region, on the disengagement ...

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