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All Dutch Electric Trains Run with Energy from Wind

The Netherlands, aka Windmill Country, is now operating 100 percent of its electric trains with wind energy. As of Jan. 1, 600,000 daily train passengers have been traveling completely carbon neutral, according to an announcement from the Netherlands’ principal passenger railway operator, NS.   No, there are no wind mills on the trains, but the electricity all comes from wind mills. ...

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Record-Breaking Renewable Energy Capacity Pushes Fossil Fuel Plants to Close in Germany | EcoWatch

Germany’s renewable energy industry has again shown its strength, shattering through another solar power record, as utility company RWE announces it will close fossil fuel power plants as they are no longer competitive. RWE said 3.1 gigawatts (GW) of generating capacity would be taken offline, as it suspends or shuts down some of its gas and coal-fired power stations. This ...

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Research Shows Strong Renewable Energy Laws Reduce Climate Change Pollution | EcoWatch

The Extended Policies case, released yesterday as part of the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA)’s Annual Energy Outlook 2013 (AEO2013), shows that extending certain federal energy efficiency and renewable energy laws and regulations could reduce annual energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. in 2040 by roughly 6 percent relative to a reference case projection that generally assumes current laws ...

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Renewables Electricity Capacity in US Now Greater than Nuclear and Oil Combined | Energy Manager Today

Renewable energy sources accounted for 41.14 percent of new electrical generating capacity installed in October and 46.22 percent for the first 10 months of 2012, according to the latest Energy Infrastructure Update report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Energy Projects. In October, 10 new wind power projects (594 MW) came on line, as well as three biomass ...

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Leaked documents reveal UK fight to dilute EU green energy targets | The Guardian

Allegations of coalition hypocrisy over green issues as critics say documents show UK has caved in to fossil fuel lobbyists by Fiona Harvey, Guardian environment correspondent The government has been trying to water down key environmental regulations in Brussels despite trumpeting its commitment to green issues at home, leaked documents show. The papers, seen by the Guardian, reveal British officials ...

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