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The 2012 Right Livelihood Awards announced | CommonDreams

– Common Dreams staff The Right Livelihood Awards, also known as “Alternative Nobel Prizes,” were announced on Thursday in Stockholm. Sima Samar, one of the 2012 Right Livelihood laureates visits a mother and child clinic in Shaheedan district of Central Bamyan Province, 2009. (Picture: Shuhada Organization) This year’s winners include Sima Samar of Afghanistan, a long-time human rights activists in ...

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Egypt’s Emergent Passive Revolution | jadaliyya.com

One and a half years after the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian revolutionaries returned to the streets in the first half of June 2012. The huge crowds that filled public squares throughout Egypt defy those accounts that reduce the revolutionary uprising to a naïve effort that is inadvertently paving the way for the usurpation of power by “Islamic ...

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Whatever Happened to the Arab Summer? | Counterpunch

History in Reverse by PATRICK COCKBURN Remember the euphoria early last year when long-established police states across the Arab world were tumbling down. Facile comparisons were made with the fall of communist states in Eastern Europe in 1989. Commentators spoke glibly of irrepressible political change in the age of the internet, social media and satellite television. Regime change from Tunisia ...

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Tahrir Square protests resume over Mubarak and presidential election | guardian.co.uk

Thousands march on Tahrir to demand retrial for Mubarak and removal of Ahmed Shafik from the presidential runoff by Abdel-Rahman Hussein in Cairo Thousands of protesters descended on Tahrir Square on Tuesday as the schism threatening to tear Egyptian politics apart continued ahead of the presidential election runoff later this month. Several marches set off throughout the capital to join ...

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Sacrificing Mubarak to Save His Regime | Counterpunch

The Charade is Over by ESAM AL-AMIN When deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his sons were indicted in April 2011, legal observers cynically noted that the charges were not only politically motivated in order to quiet the massive demonstrations demanding their trial, but also that they were so weak that the trial might have been designed to end in ...

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Syrians questioning whether armed revolt works | Boston.com

The Syrian uprising began as a largely peaceful protest movement calling for change in the wake of similar uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The unarmed protests continue — and are still met by gunfire from regime forces. On Friday, security forces opened fire on demonstrators at Aleppo University, killing a teenager. The U.N. said in late March that at ...

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Ruined Baba Amr; Syria’s ghost town | Middle East Online

Two months of bombardment have reduced ‘heart of revolution’ Homs city to nothing more than heap of ruins. A terrorist haven in the eyes of the Syrian regime but “heart of the revolution” for its foes, Baba Amr is now a ghost town where residents move silently among the rubble of their homes. Two months of bombardment reduced this central ...

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