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Colonial Settlers | Mazin Qumsiyeh

The banner says "freedom" but verbally they call for two states.

The explosion that destroyed an Israeli satellite two days before it was to launch is worrying Israeli elite apartheid rulers. The wind, as the Arabic proverb goes, does not always go the way the ships want to go. …. Meanwhile, we the people must change our approach and stop playing the game using the rules placed on us by the bankers.

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Israel authorises more settler homes in run-up to peace talks – video | theguardian.com

Israel’s housing minister, Uri Ariel, defends the resumption of building work on 1,200 new homes in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on Sunday, shortly after Israel named 26 long-term Palestinian prisoners to be released on Tuesday. Palestinian leaders say settlement expansion could scupper renewed peace talks due to begin on Wednesday For more on this story, visit: ...

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