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India’s Solar Vision Promises Clean Energy And Happy Farmers | Global Voices

Around 628 million people around the world do not have access to electricity and 290 million of them are from rural India. Many Indian farmers have to rely on archaic power grids and fossil fuels to run water pumps for their irrigation. The Indian government is aiming to replace 26 million diesel-powered groundwater pumps with more efficient solar-powered irrigation models. ...

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Saudi Arabia announces $109bn solar strategy | guardian.co.uk

With the latest UN climate change summit kicking off in the Quatari capital of Doha this week, attention will be focused on how the oil and gas-rich Gulf States are responding to climate change. So it was perhaps unsurprising that Saudia Arabia chose last week to confirm it is on track to start work on its first major solar farm ...

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Media Missing The Big Picture On Solar | Media Matters for America

While the media continues to cover the Solyndra “scandal,” the real story has developed almost unnoticed: clean energy is booming in the U.S., driven in large part by federal investments like the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program. The report released by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association found that U.S. solar installations more than doubled in the ...

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UN chief calls for stepped up action by governments, private sector to boost clean energy | The Washington Post, The UN

16 January 2012 – As the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All kicked off today, United Nations officials called on governments, the private sector and civil society to help expand energy access, improve efficiency and increase the use of renewables. Globally, one person in five still lacks access to modern electricity and twice that number – three billion people ...

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