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Amnesty International slams UN Security Council, Malaysia solution | Sydney Morning Herald

The United Nations Security Council is “redundant as a guardian of global peace”, and its failure to intervene in global conflicts has allowed human rights violations to flourish, a scathing report from Amnesty International has alleged. Amnesty International’s The State of the World’s Human Rights report for 2012, released this morning, says the 66-year-old council is unable to meet its ...

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UN finds cluster bombs in Sri Lanka | Herald Sun

A REPORT from a UN mine removal expert says unexploded cluster munitions have been found in northern Sri Lanka, appearing to confirm, for the first time, that the weapons were used in that country’s long civil war. Sign up for your free 2 month trial The revelation is likely to increase calls for an international investigation into possible war crimes ...

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Sri Lanka: Charades and Its Price | Counterpunch

The entire country, not just its diplomatic missions, is in a dilemma today. This has its roots beyond the present regime’s misuse of authority. Absolute authority it did attain, since the Big Ben alarm sounded three years ago after winning the coldblooded war against the LTTE. Since then the government has spared no opportunity to make a drama out of ...

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UN adopts resolution on Sri Lanka war crimes probe | BBC News

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution urging Sri Lanka to investigate alleged abuses during the final phase of war with Tamil rebels. The US-backed motion called on Colombo to address alleged abuses of international humanitarian law. It passed with 24 votes in favour, 15 against, eight abstentions. Sri Lanka denounced the process as “arbitrary”. Correspondents say that ...

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SRI LANKA: Mine clearance could take 10 years or more | IRIN Asia

COLOMBO, 6 February 2012 (IRIN) – Landmine clearance in Sri Lanka’s conflict-affected north could take more than a decade, experts say. “It is expected to take [in] excess of 10 years to fully mitigate all remaining contamination in Sri Lanka,” the Mine Action Project of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka told IRIN, citing a lack of resources ...

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ASIA: Boosting cities’ food resilience | IRIN Asia

BANGKOK, 18 November 2011 IRIN – From rooftops to railroad tracks, Asia’s largest cities will need to maximize every bit of space to feed one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, said experts at a UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO workshop in Bangkok on resilient food systems in Asia. “Food-sensitive urban planning is now a necessity,” said Mariko Sato, chief ...

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Sri Lanka unlikely to face war crimes investigation | The Guardian

The Sri Lankan government appears unlikely to face a full international inquiry into alleged war crimes during the final stages of its civil war in 2009, despite a UN report that claims tens of thousands of civilians were killed, most of them in shelling by government forces. Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, said on Tuesday he would only launch ...

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