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Counterpoint host Scott Harris speak with Promoting Enduring Peace admin Stanley Heller

Scott Harris (left) stand with Stanley Heller at an event they were covering. (cjzurcher)

Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses a new study that links Fox News with racist attitudes; Spanish election results; An organization that records hate crimes across the U.S. & the New Haven-based group Promoting Enduring Peace with group administrator, writer and founder of TheStruggle.org, Stanley Heller. (If you click on the 15 min. fast forward button six times you will arrive ...

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CIA Rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline | Stanley Heller, Peacenews.org

By Stanley Heller CIA?  The Cowboy and Indian Alliance, of course.  For a week in April they occupied a portion of the National Mall in DC, obvious with tipis and tents and horses.  They allied to demonstrate against the Keystone XL (Climate Killing) Pipeline.  By Saturday, April 26, they and their supporters amounted to several thousand people.  During the week they hand ...

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‘Before it’s too late’ | Stanley Heller

Obama’s address on climate would have been a fair enough speech… if this was 2007. You could say it was pretty good if it was written before James Hansen and Bill McKibben had figured out the 350 ppm limit, before Fukishima, before McKibben’s “The Terrifying New Math”, before the movie “Gasland”, before the IEA “irreversible climate change” report, before Hansen’s ...

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