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Gutting START; Re-Starting a Nuclear Arms Race | Counterpunch

A Line-by-line Analysis of National Defense Authorization Act, Nuclear Provisions by ROBERT ALVAREZ The U.S. House of Representatives will soon take up the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013. (H.R. 4310). Attached is a section by section analysis of the nuclear weapons provisions I did over the past couple weeks. Also, here is the web-link to the ...

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Getting STARTed: Short-Term Steps to Advance the Long-Term Goal of Deep Nuclear Reductions | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The next round of U.S.-Russia arms control presents some truly daunting challenges. Realistically, another arms reduction treaty is likely to be out of reach for the Obama administration, even if it wins a second term. Fortunately, there is much that it could do in the remainder of its first term—unilaterally, bilaterally, and multilaterally—to lay the groundwork for another treaty while ...

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Moscow may quit START over US deploying missile shield in Europe | RT

Further deployment of the US missile defense system in Europe gives Russia the right to withdraw from the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said. “START may become a hostage of the so-called US European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA),” Ryabkov said at Monday’s meeting of the Expert Council on cooperation between Russia and ...

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New START Info Swap Scheduled for March | NTI: Global Security Newswire

Russia and the United States are set on March 22 to conduct their first swap of strategic nuclear arsenal data under a new arms control treaty, RIA Novosti reported  (see GSN, Feb. 8). The former Cold War rivals last traded similar information in July 2009 under the original Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller said. The ...

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Meet the New START, Same as the Old Finish by John Laforge | ZMagazine

The New START Treaty does pledge the elimination of 30 land-based missiles, 34 heavy bombers, and 56 submarine-based missile tubes. However, on the Navy’s 14 giant Trident submarines (each is two football fields long) there will be 20 inter-continental ballistic missiles, down from 24, but each missile can still carry 8 warheads. This amounts to 2,240 weapons, well over the ...

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Disarmament’s ‘Lost Decade’ | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

Addressing the Geneva-based 65-member Conference on Disarmament (CD) on January 26, 2011, UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon had very strong words for the representatives of the multilateral arms control body: shape up or become irrelevant! Ban bemoaned the “lost decade” at the CD, which adopted a Programme of Work (PW) for the first time after 12 years in May ...

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Science Diplomacy for Nuclear Security in the 21st Century, Jan. 19, D.C.

For more information on or to register for Reykjavik to New START, Jan. 19, 2011, 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at The Keck Center of the National Academies, 500 Fifth St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20001. | United States Institute of Peace. The National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) and the USIP Center of Innovation: Science, Technology ...

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A Genuine New Start?: Obama Is No Reagan on Nuclear Disarmament | Spiegel Online

by Amanda Kempa. Kempa holds a PhD in modern history from Oxford University. She is a former fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University, and is currently a research scholar at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). President Obama’s arms control policy is rooted in the outdated doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction, as ...

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