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US, Switzerland singled out for financial secrecy by new index | ICIJ

Switzerland and the United States are the biggest promoters of financial secrecy according to an index published today by the Tax Justice Network (TJN). The index ranks countries based on their level of secrecy and the percentage of financial services provided to non-residents. Top 10 jurisdictions: Switzerland United States Cayman Islands Hong Kong Singapore Luxembourg Germany Taiwan United Arab Emirates ...

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World Mountain Forum: ‘Water and Energy’ Dec. 11, 2012, Verbier, Switzerland | SDC – Close-up

To mark International Mountain Day on 11 December 2012, the World Mountain Forum (WMF) has organised a meeting in Verbier on the theme: “Water and Energy”. Specialists from Switzerland and abroad will discuss questions concerning the impact of climate change on these key sectors as well as the subject of public-private partnerships. The Carafe Initiative, launched within the framework of ...

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Nuclear security: Swiss engage in UN disarmament efforts | swissinfo

Swiss-backed efforts regarding nuclear disarmament met with success this week when the United Nations General Assembly adopted a number of related resolutions. This illustrates Switzerland’s commitment to the issue. Over the last few years Switzerland has stepped up its engagement in accordance with its security policy – as approved by the government in 2000. Among the resolutions adopted in New ...

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Palestinian statehood bid: Key players and positions in Thursday’s U.N. resolution | Associated Press via POLITICO.com

The vote is largely symbolic, the outcome nearly assured: The Palestinians and Israelis are closely watching the evolving positions of a few key countries in Thursday’s U.N. General Assembly resolution to raise the Palestinians’ status from a U.N. observer to a nonmember observer state. The measure only requires a majority and is all but certain to pass. The United States ...

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How the Swiss Opted Out of War by Bill Walker | Antiwar.com

The Swiss solution makes Swiss society more resilient against other natural or man-made disasters as well. A reactor meltdown is trivial to a nation that is built to withstand direct nuclear bombardment. Even asteroid strikes or megavolcanoes are less threatening to a nation only steps away from shelter and stockpiles. Whatever the future brings, the Swiss people will face it ...

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