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Taliban Takes ‘Positive’ Approach to Pakistan Peace Talks | voanews

The Taliban-appointed team to negotiations with the Pakistan government say the militant leaders have adopted a “positive” attitude to peace talks held last week with the government. The government says the negotiations are just one aspect of their counter-terrorism policy. Maulana Yusuf Shah, a member of the Taliban-nominated peace negotiation team, returned from the northwestern tribal North Waziristan province Monday, ...

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CIA Drone Kills Pakistan Taliban Leader on Eve of Peace talks with Islamabad | Juan Cole, Informed Comment

The CIA drone strike in North Waziristan yesterday killed 25 persons and targeted a high-level meeting of the Pakistani Taliban (Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan or TTP). It finally killed TTP leader Hakimu’llah Mahsoud of the large and important Mahsoud tribe in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of northern Pakistan. Mahsoud’s death by drone has been repeatedly announced in the past ...

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