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Cash Sweet Poison: ‘Greece victim of Europe cheap money’ | RT

Greece is under inspection by a team of senior European and IMF officials who are assessing if the country has implemented enough austerity measures. This comes ahead of a crucial vote in Germany where lawmakers will decide whether to release further bailout cash, desperately needed to steer Greece out of trouble. The EU Commission President insisted that Greece will remain ...

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Memo to New York Times: Data Shows That ‘We’ Are Not Responsible for D.C. Deadlock | New Deal 2.0

Pundits should look at data, rather than mirrors, to find the real culprit behind the mess in Washington. “In dividing so sharply and refusing compromises, Congress is listening primarily to those who contribute political money, not the public. As a political slogan ‘No new taxes’ was around long before the Tea Party. It is the mantra not of the public, ...

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