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The Rules of Revolt | Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Permanent June 4th Museum

There are some essential lessons we can learn from the student occupation of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, which took place 25 years ago. A nonviolent movement that disrupts the machinery of state and speaks a truth a state hopes to suppress has the force to terrify authority and create deep fissures within the power structure ... Some of the internal documents that exposed the fears and deep divisions within the ruling elite have been collected by the Princeton University Library.

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Hong Kong marks Tiananmen protests | GlobalPost

HONG KONG – While talk of Tiananmen Square on the mainland was thoroughly muted, in Hong Kong, tens of thousands of impassioned protesters thronged downtown Victoria Park to mark the 23rd anniversary of the bloody crackdown. A record-setting crowd of 180,000 showed up at the emotional two-hour event, chanting pro-democracy slogans and lighting candles to remember those who were injured ...

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