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North Korea says its missiles can reach US | guardian.co.uk

North Korea is believed to be developing a long-range missile with a range of 4,160 miles (6,700km) or more that could hit the US. Two recent rocket tests both failed but neighbours fear the north is using such launches to perfect its technology. North Korea is under heavy UN sanctions that have cut off its previously lucrative arms trade and ...

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UN Threatens Sanctions Against Critics of New Yemeni Govt | Antiwar.com

Security Council Endorses Resolution Mirroring US Version by Jason Ditz Following up on last week’s comments by Ban Ki-moon endorsing Yemen’s single-candidate “democracy” as a model for the entire Middle East to imitate, the UN Security Council has passed a resolution threatening “non-military sanctions” on anyone found insufficiently supportive of the new regime. The resolution makes several references to “terrorist ...

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‘West looking for face-saving exit from Syria’ | RT

Russia says in order to support UN envoy Kofi Annan’s peace mission in Syria other nations must stop taking sides. US President Obama, however, is considering providing Syrian rebels with ‘non-lethal’ aid in their uprising against President Assad. ­Sharmine Narwani, a Middle East expert from St. Antony’s College in Oxford University, believes that NATO does not have any particular plan ...

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China says committed to U.N. sanctions on Iran

Beijing is committed to enforcing United Nations sanctions against Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday, responding to a U.S. media report that Chinese firms were bypassing the sanctions. Read: China says committed to U.N. sanctions on Iran | Energy & Oil | Reuters.

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