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Children in US Warzones | Counterpunch

Media Willfully Ignores UN Report as It Pertains to Abuse of Children by U.S. & Its Allies by DANIEL KOVALIK The UN just released its annual report on “Children and Armed Conflict.” A number of states, as well as non-state actors, are highlighted in this report as engaged in the serious abuse of children in the course of an armed ...

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The Army’s Flawed Resilience-Training Study | Counterpunch

A Call for Retraction by STEPHEN SOLDZ and ROY EIDELSON Ten years of continuous war — characterized by multiple deployments, elusive guerilla adversaries, and occupied populations seemingly more tilted toward resentment than gratitude — have taken a significant toll on US troops. In addition to those who have been killed, physically maimed, or neurologically impaired by combat, many soldiers have ...

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Is war inevitable? Guardian readers respond | guardian.co.uk

We asked you whether the end of war could ever be within reach. Several Guardian readers share their thoughts For this special edition of the people’s panel, in partnership with WNYC, we asked you: is the end of war within reach? Or is war inevitable? Responses came in droves, and select entries are featured on WNYC’s End of War series. ...

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